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Greg Hatt of Argem
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Argem Drinks is a Real Ale Beer Brands Owner
UK wholesaler and European Exporter / Importer of Beers, Ciders, Wines and Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Mixers.

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Our first beer brand was 'Ginseng Beer' in 1993 and sold into over 1800 uk Chinese restaurants and selected niche market supermarkets. Also to Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal.

  • This Brand is now produced as 'Real Ale with Oriental Ginseng' in 500ml non- return lightweight UV resistant brown bottles; 3.6% abv packed 12 to a case. 96 cases to a pallet.
  • White Knight is a 'Light' Session Real Ale; 3.6% abv typical of the 1960's. Available in 9 gallon / 40 litre casks & 'one-way' 35 pint / 20 litre polypins for uk & export. Plus our traditional 500ml bottle (as above)
  • Celtic Red Ale; + Celtic Gold; both 4.5% abv, & have the expected flavour and exciting taste associated with these styles of quality product.
  • "Only Essex IPA" Summer 4% ABV and Winter Warmer 6% ABV has to be tried and enjoyed; giving pleasure to all IPA devotees.

Also our other Brands & which we wholesale from severall Breweries including:

  • •Deverill
  • • Dominion
  • • Star
  • • Hewitt
  • • Tonbridge
  • • Pitfield among others

As illustrated in the quarterly Product and Price List

From these numerous UK Breweries we can supply bespoke products for your Beer Festival, Corporate Hospitality & Catering requirements.

The Product & Price List on the website also shows the £sterling delivered prices. All subject to national tax.

For up to date ÔéČuro prices pls email request: